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Diesel Simulator 

Have you ever wanted to be a locomotive engineer? Are you curious as to what its like riding a train through the mountains?


If so, then this is the experience for you! 


The Diesel Simulator is one of our most popular exhibits. Our diesel locomotive simulator lets you run an engine along scenic CPR trackage deep in the Rocky Mountains. 


The genuine locomotive controls respond to your commands, providing you with the next-best experience to being on a real locomotive!

For 2$, you may choose to begin your ride to Golden, BC from Field, or any of the sidings in between. A single ride lasts 5 minutes. If you'd like to extend simply add additional funds when prompted.


Please note that the machine only accepts 1$ and 2$ coins, change is available from the gift shop.

Nadine Premont Photography-56.jpg

During this time, the simulator is open only to visitors following the required sanitizing protocol.

  • Sanitize hands before entering the Simulator zone.

  • Wipe down the controls using a sanitizing wipe before and after use.

  • Sanitize your hands again after leaving the Simulator.

  • Limiting ride time to 15 minutes if there is a line-up.

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