Baggage Car Restoration Project​

The Baggage Car CP 404944 was built in 1948 by CC&F.  In the summer of 2017 a team of volunteers, led by Project Manager Ed Koski, restored the Baggage Car to it's former glory.


The Baggage Car was power washed, air-sanded, and then painted; first with an epoxy primer and then finished with High Grade finishing paint in CPR Tuscan Red.


The windows were from Begbie Glass, as a partial donation.  Originally there were no windows in the Baggage Car when it came to the Revelstoke Railway Museum.  The windows were framed and fitted by one of our volunteers.  Repairs were made to the door way.  The steps, hand railing, underneath the carriage, were then painted in keeping with traditional CPR colours.

We received funding from The Columbia Basin Trust with their Revelstoke Community Initiatives & Affected Area Program.

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