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Virtual Railfan


If you see any illegal or dangerous activity please contact the CPR Police directly

Guard Crossing Police Control Centre 1 (800) 716 - 9132, Crossing number 28373 

Virtual Railfan is dedicated to providing live streaming experience to railfans across the globe. 

Through our partnership with Virtual Railfan, we aim to engage people from various communities and backgrounds. 

Disclaimer: The Virtual Railfan chat room is not moderated by the Revelstoke Heritage Railway Society (RHRS). The views expressed by individuals in the Virtual Railfan chat room or by Virtual Railfan do not reflect the views of the RHRS. Individuals using the Virtual Railfan platform are not associated with the RHRS and their words and actions are not affiliated with the Society's mission, mandate. Likewise, the conduct of Virtual Railfan’s users does not reflect the RHRS's code of ethics or standards for employees, members, or volunteers. 

For more information on Virtual Railfan, and to explore their various feeds from across the globe, visit their website at

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